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Website about Software Development - Web Development portal. Other useful information: J2EE: EJB, JSP, Servlets, JSF, JSTL, JCA, JMS, JTA, JNDI, JDBC, JMX, RMI, etc. Frameworks: Struts, Hibernate, JPA, iBATIS, JBoss AOP, Spring, JSF, AJAX, GWT, YUI, Flex/Flash, JUnit, and Jakarta common libraries. Integration: Web Services on Axis and WebMethods; as well as the Web Service Standards such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
For you information - In 1995 There Were Fewer Than 1,000 Web Development Companies In The United States Alone, But By 2005 There Were Over 30,000 Such Companies.
Application Development & Integration. - Developing applications to meet business needs relies on technology, tools and technical architectures. Gartner research focuses on best practices and technologies for delivering applications to the production environment and maintaining their evolution over their life cycle, including governance and control issues. Application Development & Integration. /*.sIFR-hasFlash h1 {visibility: hidden;} .sIFR-flash {visibility: visible !important;} .sIFR-replaced {visibility: visible !important;} span.sIFR-alternate {position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; width: 0; height: 0; display: block; overflow: hidden;}*/ .finder_hdr {background: #f3b000;} .finder_bg {background: #fef5e0;} .gradgray { background:#DDE0E2; background-image:url(/images/header/grad_gray566.gif); } input.field1 { vertical-align:middle; } img.down1 { position:relative;top:4;left:0; } img.down2 { position:relative;top:6;left:0; } Topic Application Development & Integration. Research Fast Finder Markets Topics Industries Browse Application Development See the Depth of Gartner Research About the Gartner IT Knowledge Map Search Application Development Application Deployment Project Management Search for any Topic Alerts Application Development Application Deployment Project Management Create Alerts for any Topic Related Focus Areas Application Integration and Middleware Enterprise Architecture Web Services Ask an Analyst Need to look up a term? Check out our glossary Learn About RSS RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Sun Middleware Under New Management: What to Expect News Analysis Application Development Application Platforms Application Architecture Application Integration Application Governance Web Technologies Foundation Research - Application Development Foundation Research - Application Integration Magic Quadrants & MarketScopes Hype Cycles Vendor Ratings and Reseach
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